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Physician Revenue Cycle Management
Trust us when we say this: you need ORS. Your healthcare organization can't run without cash. Realizing this cash is ORS's core business. Operating cheaper than organizations can do it in-house, with better results at the highest levels of transparency, ORS owns the revenue cycle from the point of charge entry. ORS is the client's back office. ORS accomplishes what it does with a unique operating philosophy that bucks stale, traditional revenue cycle thinking for tools and processes that really work in today's fast-paced, ever-complex healthcare world…all without shipping jobs overseas.

Facility Revenue Cycle Management
Hospitals and healthcare facilities aren't immune to the challenges facing their physician colleagues. They need ORS, too. Getting its start owning hospitals' back offices, ORS understands the differences that separate the technical and professional healthcare environments. While different, a facility's needs to operate more cost-effectively while minimizing lost revenue mirrors that of the professionals using them. ORS's expertise and philosophies have helped make its facility clients nationwide financial leaders. We're not your mother's billing company.

Healthcare Process Engineering
There are good ways of doing things, and then there are better ways of doing things. Who doesn't prefer the latter? ORS takes an engineer's eye to the processes of its clients. Why? Well, because ORS is full of engineers. ORS recommendations focus on greater efficiency and increased productivity without hurting the patient experience -- everybody wins.

Healthcare IT Management & Services
Is your IT department holding your entire organization hostage? Having trouble with getting enough miles out of your IT budget? Have you been given a technology ultimatum and are seeking an expert second opinion? Nothing is impossible in the IT world; you must simply have the knowledgebase and expertise to challenge and overcome what has become “traditional IT thinking.” That's where ORS comes in.

Healthcare Technology & Software (Tools)
It is far harder to perform a task without the proper tools. In the same vein, the more tools in the tool bag, the more one can do with less effort and waste. ORS hates waste. Check out some of our products.