Our Products
At ORS, we create products to meet any need we find. If it can be automated or simplified, we'll build the tool to do it. Our goal is to make the lives of our clients easier by utilizing technology as much as possible. Check out some of our finished projects below. If one of them catches your eye, or you think we can help you design a new one, let us know!

No more paper work lists. iQueue allows our follow-up staff to manage hundreds of patient accounts without sifting through unnecessary information. Reminders and custom filters allow accounts to be temporarily hidden until additional actions need to be made on that account. Ultimately, iQueue streamlines the follow-up collections process, saving coutless hours (read: costs) by focusing limited resources where they are needed most at any given time.

Posting Module
Our posting module turns an inefficient paper process into a streamlined electronic one. We use text recognition on scans of bank deposits to build an electronic database for our posters. From there, our custom interface eliminates a messy paper trail and puts everything on the computer for posters and follow-up representatives.

Patient Tracker
Knowing where patients are at any given time inside a doctor's office can be a difficult task. Our Patient Tracker allows front office staff to see any detail about all of the patients they are working with. Timers even allow administrators to see how long a patient has spent in any of the stages of his or her visit.

Mobile Schedule
Finding a computer every time you want to view your schedule can be time consuming, and carrying around a printed sheet can be just as annoying. Our software allows physicians and their staff members to view daily schedules right from their smart phones.

Patient Photo Detection
Stop taking pictures. Our Patient Photo Detection software snags photos from scanned government photo IDs and crops the picture to just the patient's face for use in your system's Patient Photo field.

RVU Sorter
Take the guesswork out of claim code order. Our RVU Sorter gives us the ability to sort any number of procedure codes by RVU (or fee) value. Sure, the information is always available, but this tool gives you a one stop shop to determine proper order for procedure codes on a claim.

Anesthesia Calculator
Calculating anesthesia charges depends on a number of different factors. Our Anesthesia Calculator puts these variouis elements into a single tool. All you need to know is the basic information - we do heavy lifting, saving you time in the process.

Doctor Finder
Type "Doctor Finder" in Google and you'll find more incomplete and sponsored links than you can shake a thermometer at. We cleverly adapted existing map software, linking it to the government database of doctors and physicians. The result: a complete search tool that gives patients or potential patients a straightforward, easy way to find a physician of the proper specialty.

We use an automatic dialing system that can call or text patients about upcoming appointments and overdue payments. It can collect feedback such as appointment confirmation or make all the cancellation calls if the office closes due to emergency (weather, physician illness, etc.). The system runs automatically on real-time data -- no human intervention necessary. Our clients love it because the cost per call is super low and it simply works.

HL7 Interface
Manual data entry stinks. That's why we developed an automatic, real-time, electronic interface between multiple systems using an implementation of the HL7 interface language. Our interface engine automatically synchronizes patient demographic, scheduling, and charge information between all external and in-house software applications that both we and our clients use. This process ensures that we have identical patient information in all systems at all times.

Work Comp Note Fetcher
Workman's Compensation claims are a different breed. Among other differences to the standard healthcare claim, sending a workman's compenstation claim requires the attachment of every operative note pertaining to the billed appointment. Finding and printing those notes can be a time consuming process. We built software that searches for these notes in a batch of daily claims and compiles them into one easy-to-manage file for printing. With our software we turned around a process in one hour that used to take us eight.

Visit Note Fetcher
Some claims require the operative notes from previous apointments. Finding these existing notes can be quite time-consuming. We built software that locates all notes required for a claim and compiles them with a completed fax cover sheet specific to the intended destination.

Secondary Note Fetcher
Every claim sent to a secondary insurance requires the EOB from the primary insurance as proof of payment. Finding and printing all the EOBs for a day's worth of secondary claims can take hours. Our software saves billers the time by searching for the necessary EOBs and compiling them into one organized file.